In-Service Distributions Guide

Learn more about this rarely used, attractive feature within Your Company's 401(k) Plan.

Your company is committed to providing comprehensive retirement benefits to all employees through a company sponsored 401(k) plan which allows for In-Service Distributions. If you would like to learn more about how you can access your 401(k) retirement funds while still working to purchase real estate, start a business or consolidate debt, click here to download an informative free guide on In-Service Distributions.


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In this guide you will learn:


  • What is an In-Service Distribution from a 401(k) Plan

  • How you can use an In-Service Distribution to pay off nagging debt

  • How you can diversify your nest egg with real estate investments you control

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls when taking an In-Service Distribution

  • What to consider when taking an In-Service Distribution from your 401(k) Plan

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