Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) Guide

Learn about stock purchase options in the Honeywell 401(k) Plan and why you may want to consider this exciting investment opportunity.

Honeywell is committed to offering comprehensive retirement benefits to all employees which provide tax advantages and financial security. We invite you to learn more about Honeywell’s stock purchase option and how this can benefit you. Beneficial tax strategies known as Net Unrealized Appreciation may provide many benefits to participants through significant tax savings.


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In this FREE, informative guide you will learn:


  • How Honeywell’s 401(k) stock options offer significant tax advantages over other investment choices

  • Important consideration when deciding whether to purchase company stock through your 401(k) Plan

  • Common pitfalls that employees make when deciding on stock option purchases

  • Considerations for those that already have Honeywell stock in their 401(k) plan

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